Podrick Actor Says Fans Keep Touching Him

Photo: HBO

One Game of Thrones actor wants people to stay away.

Many GOT fans are currently recovering from a brutal Battle of Winterfell. (But don’t worry, no spoilers here). But for one of the show’s actors, there’s a battle happening off-screen too. The battle for his family jewels.


In the show’s mythos, Podrick Payne, who acts as a squire to Tyrion Lannister and then Brienne of Tarth, is rumored for his skills in bed. He was once taken to a pleasure house by Tyrion but returned with all of his money. Apparently, the women felt they didn’t deserve the money because they enjoyed the experience too much.

Unfortunately for Daniel Portman, who plays Podrick Payne, some fans can’t tell the difference between the character and the real man.

Photo: HBO

While in an interview with Esquire, Daniel Portman says that he’s often fielding questions from strangers about his crotch. But to this day, Portman swears that he has no idea what Podrick did to get so famous for his bedside manner.


“A magician never reveals his secrets,” he says, laughing. “If I fucking knew my life would be very different. I was 20 when that happened, so it was kind of like a kid in a candy shop. When you tell a 20-year-old actor, who’s sort of stumbled onto this big TV show, that all of a sudden you’re meant to be Casanova, people all over the world wonder whether or not it’s true. I would be lying if I said that that hadn’t been fun.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun as Portman’s personal space has been violated constantly by fans.

“I’ve been grabbed by so many… like the amount of like older, older women who are very…” Portman said to Esquire before making a grabbing gesture with his hand.

“What can you do? You know? Obviously tell them not to do it,” Portman says. “It hasn’t happened for a while. In this day and age you’d think that people would be able to separate reality from fiction. I don’t want to say it comes with the territory, but, you know, people are crazy about it. It’s certainly not cool.”

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