Polish TV Just Had Its First Ad With A Gay Couple

Image via YouTube @Durex Polska

History was just made on Polish television.

For the first time in Poland, a tv ad has displayed a gay couple. And it’s in a pretty sexy video too. The commercial is an advertisement for Durex condoms. It also specifically includes YouTubers Jakub and Dawid Mycek-Kwiecinski.


In the video, which you can watch below, we see four couples getting ready for a night of passion. Yes, Jakub and David count as one of those couples. But even better, they’re given the same treatment as their peers. All four couples are depicted in moments of intimacy. They slowly descend from everyday activities like making breakfast or fixing their hair to intimate moments like kissing, touching, and grabbing a condom.

For Jakub and Dawid, representing LGBTQ people is nothing new. The couple have done so for years now. Originally, Jakub worked as a tv presenter on the national tv network TVP for nine years. Unfortunately, he was later fired for being gay. Despite that, Jakub thrived as an online YouTuber with his later-to-be husband Dawid. Together, the two have created representation by creating viral lip sync videos, appearing on LGBTQ award shows, staging proposals, sharing free face masks, and more.

And now, it seems Jakub and Dawid’s reach is stretching out further than ever before. Not only have they appeared in this 30-second video, but the video will air in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Lithuania, according to their talk with Gay Star News. This is great news for Jakub and Dawid but also LGBTQ people as whole. Congrats to the guys and thanks for the representation!

Source: Gay Star News

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