Project Runway’s Chris March Still in Need of Medical Support

It’s been a year since we reported about Project Runway fan favorite Chris March and his health battle. Last year, March was in critical condition after taking a bad fall which led his good friend Nelson Carballo to create a GoFundMe page to assist with March’s medical expenses.


Carballo wrote:

Back in June of last year, suffered a debilitating accident and had to be placed in a medically induced coma where he stayed for many weeks. Thanks to the miracle of modern science he has pulled through, but is still in a very fragile state. His right arm has been paralyzed and at this moment, has limited use of his hands and legs.

March rose to fame after his stint on Project Runway, which led to the show Mad Fashion in 2011. March is known for his larger-than-life laugh and extravagant use of costume to present a unique and eclectic style that quickly turned high fashion. He also has created a line of Halloween wigs for Target in 2013. March has designed for Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Meryl Streep, and Madonna.


But since the news began circulating about March’s health, very little has been shared about his current situation.

A few days ago, Caraballo posted an update on Chris March sharing that he is still in great need. This time, a detailed and personal message from Chris March himself:

I have recently run into several setbacks in my recovery, the biggest one being that my medical insurance went up over 500% at the beginning of 2019. I am also in need of leg braces, specialized physical therapy, a hearing aid, and a new living arrangement. Where I am now is unbearable and makes me anxious and depressed every day. I have considered suicide many times. I have tried my best to make strides. There is a long road of physical therapy ahead of me. In December I was awarded disability, but California gives 95% of it to this facility, which leaves me with $52 per month. In the face of all my setbacks, I try to remain positive—the leg braces are an exciting new tool on my road to recovery. I am trying to get my tracheotomy removed, and I try my best to effect positive change in this facility for myself and all the residents here. I try to add humor, glamour, and a little glitter to my world.

In the last year Chris March’s GoFundMe page has received over $54K in donations—with a goal of $100K. The page shares that any amount is appreciated. Chris March’s is a sad reality that many people face. He is counting on the generous contributions of his fans and strangers to continue his road toward recovery.

H/T: GoFundMe

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