Queer Eye: Karamo Announces Antoni & Jonathan Are Dating

Note Jonathan Van Ness & Antoni Porowski holding hands on the end (screen capture)

We’re not sure if this is true or just the Queer Eye guys pulling another stunt with fans, but…

Last night, as the Fab 5 made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness posed for an Instagram pic with Karamo Brown flipping the bird in the background.

Van Ness captioned the post, “These pics are so cute I posted another one. I love my Antoni bae & @karamo jealousy doesn’t look good on you.” He also asked fans to catch the cast on The Tonight Show.

Karamo responded in the post writing, “Hahahahaha I love you both! And for all who are asking. It’s real. They are a couple and in love. First Fab 5 couple.”

And fans kinda went wild. Since its posting, the photo has received over 663K likes.

Instagram has moved ahead for the boys as there’s already a fan account for the two named ‘Jvntoni.’

The account shared a shirtless pic last night of the duo prepping for the TV appearance with the caption, “We love getting ready for work together” complete with pride flag emoji.

Now, JVN and Antoni could make a cute couple, no doubt.

But as Instinct reported earlier in July, the duo has played fast and loose with the dating rumors before.

Back on July 4, Antoni posted an Instagram pic showing the two about to engage in some serious lip-lock action.

And a day later, the two fessed up to the prank.

So, only time will tell if the guys are really in the middle of a showmance or if they think every few weeks is April Fool’s Day.

Here’s the appearance on The Tonight Show. Note the rumored lovebirds holding hands…

>>>UPDATE: Jonathan Van Ness took to Twitter this afternoon to deny the rumor. He also admitted that he and Antoni run the ‘satirical couple’ Insta account.

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