Reality Star Chris Hughes Gets His Testicles Checked on Morning Television

Chris Hughes, who stars on the British dating series Love Island, dropped trou this morning for a good cause in regards to raising awareness for testicular cancer.

He appeared on a show across the pond called This Morning, where Chris talked about having not one, not two, not three but four operations on his left testicle before opening his robe and showing his scar.

“I was around 14 and I noticed like a build up of veins and eventually got it looked at [six years later, aged 20] and they referred to hospitals and I ended up having three operations on my left testicle, and that was more down to safety with infertility, because the veins take oxygen.”

This appears to be an issue that runs in the family, as Chris also revealed this both his brothers are infertile and that his cousin had testicular cancer. See the clip here.

Chris received a ton of positive feedback for being brave enough to do this on live television, with one person tweeting "Fair play Chris, you got some balls getting up there live on TV. (No pun intended)."

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