Reality Star Joel Taylor Found Dead on Gay Cruise

Joel Taylor, reality star of the Discovery Channel show Storm Chasers, has reportedly died aboard a cruise ship. Taylor, who was 38m was found unresponsive in his cabin aboard a gay Royal Caribbean cruise as the ship Harmony of the Seas was docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Reed Timmer, friend and co-star of Storm Chasers, tweeted out in Taylor’s memory:





According to CNN, Richard Duggar II, funeral director, released a statement on behalf of Taylor’s family:

We can confirm that Joel Taylor has passed away while on a cruise. The cause of the death has not yet been determined. We ask for your understanding during this difficult time and your respect for the family while they deal with the loss of their son. 

There is speculation that Taylor overdosed although no confirmation on the cause of his death. According to TMZ, Taylor was seen consuming a large amount of drugs and he passed out on the dance floor on Tuesday evening. He was removed from the dance floor and taken back to his room.

Taylor’s untimely death is still under investigation.


9 thoughts on “Reality Star Joel Taylor Found Dead on Gay Cruise”

  1. He was a gorgeous guy 6’6″

    He was a gorgeous guy,  6'6" and 234 pounds of lean sculpted muscle.

    He posted hot pictures of himself on a gay site called Scruff.  The guy

    had a monster cock.laugh

  2. I believe adults should be

    I believe adults should be free to use any and all drugs that they wish. I also believe that they do so at their own peril. If they die in doing so, they paid the price for their risky behaviour.

    While I erred in not extending sympathy to the deceased's friends and family, I feel nothing for the deceased himself.

    I know that is harsh, but that is reality.

  3. “aboard the a gay Royal

    "aboard the a gay Royal Caribbean cruise ship Harmony of the Seas as it was docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico."

    What sloppy writing. How can a cruise ship be gay? Does it only "dock" at piers of the same sex? It was a gay cruise on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship…


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