Robyn Releases Stellar ‘Ever Again’ Music Video

As we’ve covered here extensively, Madonna just released a new album, and it’s pretty darn good. 

Let’s not forget what was perhaps the best pop album of last year, though, Robyn‘s nine-track little masterpiece, “Honey.” 

The Swedish songstress has just released another video, for Honey‘s closer “Ever Again.” The electronic track has a definitive rock-guitar edge to it. The video sees Robyn singing and dancing with an old-fashioned mic and cord amidst classical sculptures. Her top basically totally reveals her breasts. Is this thing gonna get flagged? Like Honey, the video is minimalist, confident, edgy, and kind of glorious. 

This is like a more ornately decorated but less elaborately choreographed follow-up to what is perhaps Robyn’s best video, “Call Your Girlfriend.”

Watch “Ever Again” below. 

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