Rosario Dawson Accused of Transphobia

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Dawson And Her Family Are Facing Allegations Of Physically And Verbally Abusing A Transgender Man

Yikes! Sin City and Rent actress, Rosario Dawson, is coming under fire from a former employee of her families’ home.

According to a lawsuit obtained by Buzzfeed, in late 2017, Dawson’s mother, Isabel Dawson, hired Dedrek Finley, a transgender man, to work on construction for the family. Soon thereafter, allegedly, Finley began his transitioning process which was not well received by the Dawson family, who would deliberately misgender him. The verbal spats were just the beginning as Finley alleges Isabel and Rosario physically pulled him through a window to remove him from a home he was renting from the family. Isabel allegedly continued verbally assaulting him while Rosario sat on him to restrain. Due to Finley’s injuries, he was able to have a restraining order placed on Isabel in April 2018. Finley is now suing as he has a substantial amount of debt after being removed from the home and steady employment promised by the Dawson family. Dawson has yet to release a comment.

Rosario herself has been widely known as a progressive activist throughout her active years in Hollywood. The stunning, New York native played Mimi Marquez, an HIV positive prostitute, in Rent and has been involved with promotion for one of the world’s most widely known transgender entertainers, Laverne Cox, as seen in the Instagram video she posted below. I find it a little suspicious that she would be running into such appalling trouble with an almost flawless record for LGBTQ equality.

You may know Dawson is currently linked to be romantically involved with Democratic candidate, Cory Booker, so I’m a little curious to see if this will result in any backlash for his so far not-so-impressive campaign. Could Kamala Harris slip in that birds of a feather flock together? Either way, this story is messy and at first glance, appears that is another smear campaign. But, if you read into it, sheesh! Finley had physical injuries – enough to get a restraining order! This is a big deal. I’m sure there will be plenty of updates to this story.

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