Royal Marine Says He Was Forced To Masturbate To A Gay Film As A Hazing Ritual

Image via The Royal Navy

A Royal marine is saying that he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after his corporals forced him to masturbate to gay porn while being watched as a punishment for failing a map reading test.


Government records show that 30-year-old Corporal Danny Foster and 34-year-old Philip Beer started trial yesterday at the Portsmouth Military Court.

Foster is claiming not guilty for three charges of ill-treatment and Beer is claiming not guilty for two counts of it.

Allegedly, Foster and Beer were a part of a group of upper level marines who put several lower level marines through cruel punishments, called “family time,” while stationed at the Faslane and Coulport naval bases in Argyll.

Some of the punishments included hanging one marine upside down and whipping him or making another shave all the hair on his body.


Marine Ryan Dunn has come forth as one of the two alleged victims in the case (the one who had to shave his body as a “New Born Baby” punishment).

The marine later noted, "I remember thinking while it was going on, I thought I was meant to be operationally deployable and how was this meant to be helping me do my job?"

Image via the Royal Navy


Dunn says that the punishments were decided through a dice roll or a Deal or No Deal-like powerpoint projected on the wall.

In addition to that, another marine, who is staying anonymous, has shared that Foster and Beer forced him to publicly masturbate to gay porn sometime between May and August 2014.

The anonymous marine recounts the event:

"We got lined up at the front of the room during family time and the corporals, who were at the back, were talking about what they would make us do."

"They all laughed when Corporal Foster said we should wank to gay porn."

"When family time ended everyone made their way to where we slept – on the way I told Foster I wasn’t going to do it but he said to me ‘you fucking are."

"The porn was military themed porn, the men had berets on and people were watching us – we were told the last person to ejaculate would get another punishment."

"I felt disgusted and degraded having to do it, it was massively degrading, I had no power against it; I could not say no."

The trial is currently ongoing.

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