Rub And Tug To Be Dropped From Production!

Rub And Tug To Be Dropped From Production!

Scarlett Johansson Casting Controversy Leads To Flop!

Well, well, well. I told you so. The moment I heard the transgender community up in arms over the casting choice of Avengers: Infinity War Actress, Scarlett Johansson, as a transgender man: I knew the film would get pulled from production. In modern age, social media can lead you to get fired from your job, humiliated by society, and reputations destroyed. While the #MeToo movement has proved to be an incredibly positive influence in our culture, sometimes a movement can be damaging.

According to Pink News, the anger of Johansson being cast to play real-life transgender man, Dante "Tex" Gill, in the would-be film, Rub and Tug, has led to the film likely being pulled in it's entirety. Even after Johansson released a sincere apology to the transgender community. She even suggested the role be played by a transgender man – who

Okay, so: Obviously this was going to happen. But, at what cost? Was this uproar truly worth it, y'all? Did the transgender community win this battle since the role isn't going to be played by a heterosexual, cisgendered female? Now, the movie is more than likely not going to be made. Johansson's production company was set to produce the movie: It's likely not going to move forward after burying this woman who wanted to actually showcase a transgender story. I highly doubt she'll ever want to touch any subject matter regarding the transgender community again. Is this an appropriate time to add a reference to Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons saying "HA-HA!"?

So, in the end: Dante Gill's story likely won't get to be told. All because of social media outrage. I'm really disappointed. I'm sure the transgender community could've made a point and gotten much representation within the film in some type of way. Look at how much influence the phenomenal Janet Mock has had in FX's latest hit, Pose. This is so disappointing.

Do you believe this is a win for the transgender community – or should the film not have been made whatsoever if no transgender man was taking the reign? 

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4 thoughts on “Rub And Tug To Be Dropped From Production!”

  1. Too many people think along

    Too many people think along the lines of "the perfect is the enemy of the good." If they don't get precisely what they want, they seem to be happy to burn it all down in a self-indulgent temper tantrum.


  2. Perfect! Sometimes no

    Perfect! Sometimes no representation is better than bad representation, which can do more harm.

    Your white cis gay opinion really doesn't matter.

  3. It’s too bad. Just as gays up

    It's too bad. Just as gays up in arms about straight people playing gay. It's called acting and telling a story and who best can portray that. Jaime Clayton tweeted she wouldn't even get a casting audition. Well, there is a reason. Her acting is not of the same caliber. Sorry Sense8 fans, but her acting was just ok, borderline blah.

  4. Scarlet wanted a story about

    Scarlet wanted a story about trasgender,and prescisely that comunity wasn't having any of it.The movie won't be made after all.Who won?


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