‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ All Star, Milk, Responds to Negative Social Media Comments

If you were one of the squirrels who tuned in for the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, the episode with the HIGHEST ratings EVER, last Thursday, you must have been gagged with the twist of Season One winner Bebe Zahar Benet joining the race for the coveted crown. Not just that, but we got to see many of our favorite queens return with new looks, revamped outlooks on the art of drag, and a whole lot of shade.

One particular queen snatched the wig off the heads of viewers with her snarky shade and comments in the workroom and in the confessional interviews. Milk, the dairy queen sensation, who serves eclectic club kid looks and has a unique perspective on all challenges, had people gasping when he made blatant remarks about Trixie Mattel, BenDeLaCreme and other contestants—which is typical of the environment between the queens. But the overly confident way Milk carried himself during the premiere left a bad taste of spoiled milk in people’s mouths.

I was watching the premiere in a theater with over 200 people and each time something catty came out of his mouth, everyone cringed. People were expecting this from Morgan McMichaels or Shangela, but not good ol’ “does a body good” Milk!

So naturally, during and after the premiere, the drag queen fans took to social media to make their opinions of the drag queen known. Calling him out for having a nasty attitude and being rude. But we forget that ‘reality’ or not, there is always some sort of scripted or pre-conceived agenda that goes into a television show and its possible that Milk was just playing this part. I mean, Milk is here to compete and wants to make sure everyone knows that—and why should we knock down a queen for feeling her oats and telling people she’s here to slay?

Is there more behind this gorgeous innocent face?

After reaching his limit with receiving public criticism, Milk responded to the attacks he has been receiving on social media by posting in hopes that people hear him loud and clear.

People seem to be responding to Milk’s posts, including friend and RPDR sister, BenDeLaCreme who won the first challenge and lipsync and sent Morgan McMichaels packing—or did she?

Are these posts a way to truly bring online attacks and cyber bullying to an end or is this a front to protect any other behavior that we may see from Milk for the rest of season?

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