Sam Smith Dropped A Donna Summer Cover

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Sam Smith is taking us back to the ‘70s.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, Donna Summer was a queen among queens. The singer had cornered the Disco market and influenced a generation with her music. Gay clubs, saunas, and bedrooms were decorated with her music on a daily basis. In a community that celebrates female icons and divas, Donna Summer holds a special place in our hearts.

So a recent cover of Summer’s “I Feel Love,” is just what the doctor ordered.

British singer Sam Smith recently revealed in an interview with the Zach Sang Show that they are coming out with a new album in 2020. To prepare the world for that album, Smith has been releasing new music like “How Do You Sleep.” And now, they have released a new cover of Donna Summer’s 1977 hit “I Feel Love.”

Smith’s version of the hit song was produced by Disclosure’s Guy Lawrence. Despite just being released, Smith and their team have already organized a deal with Target to include the song and the company’s 2019 holiday campaigns.

Talking about the song, Smith wrote:

“As a queer person ‘I feel love’ has followed me to every dance floor in every queer space from the minute I started clubbing. This song to me is an anthem of our community and it was an honour and most importantly so much fun to have a go at it. Highest song I’ve ever fucking sang. But a joy. I hope you all like it xx”

You can listen to the cover down below.

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  1. Sam has done a wonderful job with this old tune. It has bought back a lot of old and very good memory of some of the friend I loss. Great Job.


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