Send This To All Your Dolphin Friends, Sorry Ground Hogs

Oh my god!  Stop with the labels!  Well if that sounds like you, please just move on and don’t read as this is all about new animal labels for the gay community.

Yes, WARNING!  There is humor ahead.  If humor is something you don’t know, or don’t like poking a little fun at our community.  But this was too hysterical to not share.  @coffeegreg on TikTok decided to tickle our funny bones and make fun of our labels with some new and sassy offerings.


new gay stereotypes just dropped

♬ original sound – coffeegreg


This came out shortly after one of our writers shared on Facebook a pic of some Bears in Provincetown during Bear Week. There was one reader that was adamant that these people were not bears!

Bears have hair, bears don’t, being a bear is a mind set, being a bear is a weight class, bears are bearded, bears are the most welcoming group of gays out there, bears have been infiltrated by former aberzombies from high school that just stopped working out and feel they belong because they are a little chubby now but brought their superiority complex into the bear community and ruined one of the most accepting communities out there, bears are … well, you get the picture. Labels can be fun, simple, and yes, a little confusing and separating. But hopefully this TikTok was on the fun side.


Will we add these new ones to the mix?  Maybe. I think it might be time for me to retire from the bear community and become an eagle or a ground hog. 

Or do we need to get rid of all the labels? Is it too divisive? 



Photo by Karl Bewick on Unsplash

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