‘Senseless Cows’ added to the Do Not Use Terms on Twitter? Aja Found Out The Hard Way

Bart Simpson would have been banned a long time ago from the Twittersphere.  Don't bring bovines into the mix when talking about other people. 

Do you know anyone that calls people names on Twitter?  Apparently, that is not a good practice and could get you banned. Aja from Ru Paul's Drag Race found out that they don't have as many liberties as #45 when it comes to name calling.  Aja identifies as gender neutral pronouns and uses gender neutral pronouns, not conforming the binary system most of society uses.

The lesson learned from this? Do not call someone a senseless cow.

Was the 'sensless cows' statement the only thing that happened 

Aja's account was later reinstated and they added: ’I just wanted to take the time to apologize to all the cows I offended the other day’

Aja also seemed to clap back at Twitter a little too for the lapse in their account.


There seems to be a hair across the … vision of someone at twitter, and even at Facebook.  Or they have an itchy finger on the censorship trigger.  We've had some of our posts that have been marked as spam, the most recent one involved censorship (YouTube Algorithm Out Of Control: Site Bans Gay Fetish Account Recon), but luckily it just took one click to rectify the issue on our end. But is calling someone a seneless cow worse than calling someone a puppet.

Or calling someone the dumbest man on television

That sensitive itchy finger seems to be selective, too. Senseless cows seem to be everywhere. 

h/t: Metro.co.uk

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