Sexy Russian Twerking Video Sparks Tons of Parodies

Several days ago we reported that a group of Russian cadets uploaded a video of them twerking and dancing to Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction. But the internet did not approve, especially many Russians who thought that this group of young guys having a little fun was more of a grotesque display of homoerotic misbehaving.

Take a look for yourself:

Many chimed in bashing the guys Civil Aviation Institute in Ulyanovsk (UIGA)  saying they should be punished or investigated for their immoral behavior. In a highly conservative country like Russia this was probably expected. The video was originally never supposed to go public, but it was posted in error, and went viral.

While authorities have given their opinions on the video, there are also a great number of Russians who are supporting the group of aviation students–and they’re doing so by responding with their own sexy parody videos. They're calling it the Russian Satisfaction Challenge.

Here is a group of construction students:

A group of emergency service employees:

This creepy theatre troupe also joined the fun:

Here’s another group of students giving their interpretation:

And this group of hockey players:

Way to support the Russian creative expression! Will all those booties poppin', we are definitely getting all the satisfaction we can out of these vids.

Keep ‘em coming!

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