‘Shameless’ Star Cameron Monaghan Posts Suggestive, Sweaty Nude Selfies From a Sauna

It sounds like Shameless might be nearing the end; either that or it’s just going to look really different. Following lead Emmy Rossum’s announcement that she will be leaving the Showtime drama about a lower-middle-class family’s escapades, star Cameron Monaghan made news on Monday when he announced he’s out as well.

What’s really gotten our attention, though, are some sexy new snaps of Monaghan naked in a sauna. Cocktails and Cocktails first directed our attention to the literally steamy, suggestive pics the fit redhead took of himself.

Who else has done this? Taking your phone into a hot, wet environment surely isn’t a good idea, but, as Monahan has made clear, the setup has potential for tantalizing selfies.

For more of Monaghan’s sweaty naked selfies, go to Cocktails and Cocktalk.

You can also see an exhaustive list of the 25-year-old cutie’s Shameless nude scenes here (NSFW). A preview: 



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