Single & Ready to Mingle: 4 Men Anderson Cooper Could Easily Rebound With

Gay men (and delusional women) let out an audible gasp of sorts when they read the news that silver fox Anderson Cooper had broken up with his boyfriend of nine years, Ben Maisani

Here at Instinct Magazine, we believe in doing the right thing and helping out our fellow gays, and this time around… we want Anderson to rebound with a great guy.  Nine years is 150 years in gay years, so hopefully Anderson is able to find someone else who could be Mr. Right, or Mr. Right now on the 2nd floor of the New York City Eagle… if you get my gist.

That being said, here are four outstanding choices that Anderson could choose from should he want to.  Mazel!

Justin Sylvester: The Daily Pop host on E! has no problem getting what he wants, as he made his intentions to go on a date with Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon very clear on his show yesterday.  Seeing as they are both single, very good looking, and in entertainment as well, this is a twosome that could easily be great for one another.

Andy Cohen: Yes, they aren't interested in each other.  But the coincidence that both are all of a sudden single makes this writer think that there is potential for these two A's to get together once and for all. 

Zayn Malik and/or Harry Styles: OK, so Zayn is straight but this photo of him and Harry was too cute that we couldn't resist.  Zayn is only a factor as he just announced that he split up with Gigi Hadid, so hopefully there is some "fluidity" in him where he could experiment with the same sex, and Anderson would be a fun rebound if that was the case.  Harry just made waves all over the internet, as he sparked rumors that he's bisexual due to his performance of the song "Medicine" which has a ton of bisexual notes to it.  Could he be heading "One Direction" towards that silver fox over at CNN?

Who do you think Anderson should rebound with now that he's single? 

What do you think?