‘Sister, Sister’ Star Confirms There Will Be No Reboot

Image via YouTube | Sister, Sister First Ever Scene | Tia Meets Tamera At The Mall
Tia Mowry Declares A ‘Sister, Sister’ Reboot Won’t Ever Happen

Reboots and revivals are galore as it appears Hollywood either has run out of ideas or audiences keep giving into nostalgia in hardened times. We’ve seen successful reboots like Roseanne [The Conners] and Queer Eye [For The Straight Guy], mediocre presentations in Will & Grace and Fuller House, disasters like Charmed and The Odd Couple, anticipated revivals like Sex and the City and Queer as Folk, and the could’ve-beens like every gay Millennial’s favorite, Lizzie McGuire. Treasured memories, storylines, and characters are great to revisit on a rainy day for binge watching and the promise of seeing these characters in mostly modern day is enough to get any fan’s gears in motion. For as many that roll their eyes, just as many tune in. Any ’90s kid recalls their shows being revamped for Generation Z or paying an ode to their now thirty-year-old fans. However, one iconic and beloved show almost saw a reboot but unfortunately, we’ll never get the chance to see these polar opposite twins get into shenanigans again.

According to Shadow&Act, Tia Mowry let many fans down when she confirmed a revival of the show that set her and her sister, Tamara Mowry, to stardom is dead in the water. Sister, Sister was a charming sitcom starring the Mowry twins as twins separated at birth and adopted by a zany and fashionable single mom (Jackee Harry) and an uptight, corporate single father (Tim Reid) respectively. Rounding out the cast was their annoying and pesky neighbor Roger (Marques Houston), the twins’ boyfriends (Deon Richmond and RonReaco Lee), and early season appearances from the late, great Brittany Murphy. Fans of the show grew up with the twins over six seasons and cemented the Mowry twins in our hearts for eternity. Yet, Mowry states we’ll only be able to reminisce on what could have been on Netflix, because the show will never be revived for modern audiences. Mowry told in a series of videos posted to social media app TikTok:

“So many people are asking this question [about reviving Sister, Sister]. We tried to do it, but some rights and stuff kind of got in the way. It makes me sad and also we even tried to reboot The Game and now that’s not happening. Reboots are just not in my DNA I guess!”

Mowry that stated since a reboot of arguably her most notable show won’t return, she’s down to film a new scripted show with her twin, because that would be easiest. For Disney Channel Original movie fans – perhaps we can see a reboot of Twitches?! In the meantime, Mowry is enjoying married and mommy life while continuing to take small roles in television.

Are you bummed we won’t be getting a Sister, Sister reboot or are some things better left in the past?

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