Skasgard Shaves Head To Look Older And We Don’t Mind One Bit.


Some of us never lose our locks, while some of us men start shedding the hair above in high school. There's no rhyme or reason as to why you lose your hair and others grow it forever.  They say you need to look at your mother's father's head of hair and you'll know what you'll be like follicly later on in life.

Would you shave it off just for fun or for a job?  We know that Alexander Skarsgard, 41, trimmed his locks for an upcoming film, The Hummingbird Project. I mean really,  would Tarzan go the bald route if he didn't have to?

So Alexander did not go full chrome dome, but did a half "price cut?"  Many are putting the new Skarsgard pics next to Prince William for the sexy comparison.

So who didn't wear it best? Skarsgard or Prince William?

Which Skarsgard look do you find sexier?  We wouldn't kick either out of bed … unless it was onto the floor and we kept going.


What do you think?