Smirnoff is Fighting Homophobic Trolls With Beautiful Art

For Pride Month, Smirnoff has decided to create a campaign fighting against anti-LGBTQ comments found on the internet.

The project and campaign, called #ChooseLove, joins artists together and has some create work that counteracts trolls who spread hate on social media. 

Chris Laidlaw, the Head of Smirnoff’s European Division, shared his thoughts on the campaign:

“a dialogue of understanding, respect and compassion in both social media and wider society,” he also said that, “by collectively taking action, we can all spread a message of inclusivity, diversity and love.”

In addition, one of the artists named Ricardo Bessa spoke to the Gay Times about the campaign.

“I didn’t want to take on a project that would downplay a serious issue and gloss over it, and I wouldn’t have done so if I had felt Smirnoff wouldn’t be respectful of that.”

“So it’s been a balancing act between staying positive without making light of homophobia. I want to make sure that, however I respond to these, whether it be sassy or more introspective, I keep in mind how toxic this position is.”

As if the campaigns purpose wasn’t good enough, there will also be great exposure for the artists.

After pride month is over, the campaign will continue by having an exhibition in July during London’s Pride Festival.

If you want to check out some of the images, look below.


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