Snoop Dogg Schools Us On Clout Chasers!

Snoop Dogg Schools Us On Clout Chasers!

Chances Are They Are Everyone Gay On Instagram!

#GENIUS! By now, we’re all super familiar with the music icon, Snoop Dogg, right? Well, he’s been caught up in a cross fire this week regarding allegations he’s been cheating on his wife – and high school sweetheart – Shante Taylor. Good ole’ Wendy Williams gossiped in detail about an Instagram “model” who Uncle Snoop was allegedly having an affair with. The “model” decided to blast Snoop by posting text messages between one another to social media. Because, I mean: What else is an Instagram “model” going to do to get money? As Williams proclaims: “Not everyone can go to Harvard”. Check out the clip below:



In Williams defense, she refused to believe the allegations. I also didn’t believe this Instagram “model’s” petty act. Perhaps because I was just a contestant on Snoop’s gameshow, Joker’s Wild, and absolutely fell in love with his quality character. Uncle Snoop isn’t a scumbag! He wouldn’t cheat on his wife. Peep me on the show below:



Like remember when I won a bunch of money on #JokersWild? I do!

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Well, Snoop decides to take to social media to basically say: No, he’s not having an affair. Instead, he’s promoting a new series on his YouTube channel, WestFestTV. What exactly is this brilliant man up too? He’s exposing Clout Chasers. What are Clout Chasers? Snoop describes them as:

“A person who strategically associates themselves with the success of a popular person or current contemporary trend to gain fame and attention. This personality disorder is often resembled as “riding the wave” without concern for damage or integrity.”

D-Did Snoop just literally create a new term?! The video promotion showcases the viral celebrities – who, let’s be real: None of us like and these people will be faded away in a few months. They include: The Instagram “model” making allegations against Snoop, some random teenager, that disgusting Woah Vicky (the young woman who acts ignorant for views), and Lil’ Tay. These are all idiotic people with no talent who are trying to be famous across social media. Snoop’s new web series dives into exposing people who are trying to use the internet, social media, and real celebrities for their own come up. In the preview, the Instagram “model” is busted. He makes it a point he is going to showcase her vile ways. Check out the trailer for the series below:



This is definitely a series I’ll be watching. Living in Los Angeles: I've met an endless amount of Clout Chasers! There are tons of LGBTQ viral celebrities who need to be exposed for their blasphemy: Shall I name a few or let you guess. Do you suspect any of our communities members are going to get called out for hunting for fame in any way possible?

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