Spill the Tea: What’s the REAL REASON Bebe Zahara Benet was Brought Back to ‘All Stars 3’

Conspiracy theories have swirled and swirled like a delicious ice cream concoction with no end to its madness on the real reason why Bebe Zahara Benet was brought back to RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 after winning the first season.

As it has been expressed before, All Stars is designed for drag queens who haven't won a regular season of Drag Race.  Bebe is the only winning queen to have been brought back for any of the three seasons so far.

Because of this, hardcore Drag Race fans were quick to figure out a conspiracy theory that would best fit this sort of narrative, as many believed she wasn't really there to compete at all.  

One theory, that went wild all over the internet, was that Bebe was actually a judge and would emerge as one in the last episode of the season.  Another was that she was going to help past All Stars winners Alaska and Chad Michaels determine who would come back into the competition.  The latter did not happen, as it was BenDeLaCreme who got to choose.  The former, however, remains to be seen. 

So what's the tea, the REAL tea? NewNowNext caught up with RuPaul's Drag Race producers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, and asked them point blank why she came back.  Turns out, they just love her and wanted her to have her shine all over again.  

"A big motivating factor for that was the show has grown so big since the premiere season," Randy said.  "In many ways we felt that first season, when we were trying to find our drag sea legs, it didn’t get the exposure. Bebe is a fierce queen, all of the girls from Season One are fierce queens, and we don’t want them to ever feel left behind. We thought we should bring Bebe back because it would be a great surprise, and it would remind everyone that Drag Race is a family. We are as loyal to Porkchop as we are to every single one of our queens."

Are you happy with this reasoning for bringing Bebe back?  Let us know your thoughts!


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  1. They should have brought her

    They should have brought her back as a special guest judge for the duration of the season. Having her compete kind of pissed off a portion of the fans, and her attitude hasn’t won her any new fans.


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