Start Your Engines: The Cast of ‘All Stars 4’ is Revealed!

You can't keep a good thing down. Entertainment Weekly broke the official cast for RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 on Friday morning, which will be premiering December 14th at 8:00 PM EST on VH1.

They clearly aren't wasting any time here given that the third installment of All Stars took place less than a year ago and season 10 just finished back in June. Not only that, but there will be a RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular taking place one week before AS4 begins on December 7th. 

The new cast might just be its best yet, as it contains a bunch of Miss Congeniality's, fan favorites and queens who have competed on All Stars in the past. This is also a very vocal group of girls, meaning that many of them have held nothing back in the past in terms of defending themselves or calling it like it is. Suffice to say, this will be another stellar season of the best damn reality show on television, and this particular writer can't wait to start another race filled with drama, shade, fashion, half-naked men and more.

Check out the 10 queens below who will be competing for the coveted All Stars crown: 






Shot at the beautiful @lighthousehoteltlv by @levieran88 Styled by @tbalistra Wearing @noxtelaviv

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Farrah Moan (Season Nine)

Los Angeles, CA | Twitter: @farrahrized, Instagram: @farrahrized

Farrah moaned her way through season nine, and your favorite Vegas showgirl is back for “All Stars” four! The cotton candy queen may have gotten lost in her emotions in her season, but on “All Stars,” she’s ready to highlight (wink) her talents…. She wants to prove to the world that she’s more than just a cry baby and take her place on a pink pedestal in the “Drag Race” Hall of Fame!






Descansando en Peru

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Gia Gunn (Season Six)

Los Angeles, CA | Twitter: @GiaGunn, Instagram: @gia_gunn

Gia Gunn is back, but does she have the firepower to blast her way into the “Drag Race” Hall of Fame? Absolutely. Gia wants to show she's more than sassy catchphrases from season six. She’s fully seasoned and ready to snatch that “All Stars” crown!







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Jasmine Masters (Season Seven)

Los Angeles, CA | Instagram: @msjasminemasters

Her name is Jasmine Masters, and she has something to say… she’s here, b*tches! Back for more, on “All Stars” four! Since season seven, Jasmine has gone viral on social media making her the ultimate “meme queen.” But Jasmine wants to prove she packs more than a punchline and has the skills to take home the crown.






Making #magic with @christopherlhamblin is the #real dream! I can’t wait to marry him next month! #Here’sToLife

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Latrice Royale (Season Four and “All Stars” One)

Hollywood, FL | Twitter: @LatriceRoyale, Instagram: @latriceroyale

She’s large and in charge, chunky yet funky… she is Latrice Royale! Latrice competed on season four and as half of “Team Latrila” on “All Stars” one, but she failed to make her way to the top both times. She’s back in the werkroom to prove that an OG queen can serve it to the younger queens and finally secure her spot in the “Drag Race” Hall of Fame!



Manila Luzon (Season Three and “All Stars” One)

Los Angeles, CA | Twitter: @manilaluzon, Instagram: @manilaluzon

Runner-up on season three and gone-too-soon on “All Stars” one, Manila is back again hoping the third time is the charm. She’s got a closet full of campy couture and the comedic chops to make Manila an “All Stars” thrilla, but will it be enough to finally take home the “Drag Race” crown?






Happy Friday

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Monét X Change (Season Ten)

New York, NY | Twitter: @monetxchange, Instagram: @monetxchange

On her season, Monet X Change won the hearts of all and the Miss Congeniality title. Fresh off of season 10, she’s back with a fire lit under her padded ass to serve some polished looks and prove she has everything it takes to soak up the “All Stars” crown!






Mi Amor that Smile

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Monique Heart (Season Ten)

Kansas City, MO | Twitter: @IAmMoniqueHeart, Instagram: @iammoniqueheart

Monique Heart came to Season 10 with talent, glitter, and Jesus… What she lacked was the funds for a closet full of costumes. Since her season, she’s performed all over the world, making that coin and amassing a stunning collection of lerks. Monique is back for “All Stars,” reclaiming her time, and vying for a spot in the “Drag Race” Hall of Fame!






: @jonquilandblack

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Naomi Smalls (Season Eight)

Chicago, IL | Twitter: @naomismallsduh, Instagram: @naomismalls

On Season eight, Naomi Smalls put the LEG in “legendary” and stomped her way into the top three. She’s back on “All Stars” to prove she can outperform the best of ‘em and to show the world you should never underestimate the tall, pretty fashion model.





Behind the scenes! #teamtuck #allstars4 hair by @plastiquetiara fashion by @caseyyalater

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Trinity Taylor (Season Nine)

Orlando, FL | Twitter: @trinitythetuck, Instagram: @trinitythetuck

Trinity Taylor is back as Trinity the Tuck… and this tuck has teeth! On Season nine the pageant queen, with body for days, made us laugh all the way to the top four. But now, full “All Star” confidence, she's here to claim her seat in the “Drag Race” Hall of Fame.






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Valentina (Season Nine)

Los Angeles, CA | Twitter: @allofvalentina, Instagram: @allaboutvalentina

It’s fan favorite, Valentina! She was chopped from season nine for not knowing the words, but since her season, there’s no masking her talent. The glamorous, high fashion, Latin American diva is back on “All Stars” for her Telenovela redemption story…. and the “All Stars” crown.

Former All Stars Trixie Mattel, Detox and Katya broke down the new cast during a live stream that took place on Friday morning. Check it out below:



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