Stockholm’s Installing Same-Sex Traffic Lights For Pride

Photo courtesy of The Local

Many countries and cities have applied same-sex street lights along their roads. Turin, Italy installed similar signs back in May, Madrid, Spain installed signs last month, and now Stockholm, Germany has joined the list.

Stockholm is currently installing temporary street signs showing same-sex couples. These signs will work like regular lights showing when pedestrians can walk or run, and will be replacing those regular lights during Stockholm’s Pride between July 31 and August 6.

There will be about 48 temporary lights going up around the city. That said, most will be focused towards Pride Park within the Östermalm district which is close to the city’s central Olympic Stadium.

In addition, the lights have all been paid for already by the city as a token of respect towards the LGBTQ community. It’s estimated that all of the lights cost about 100,00 Swedish Kronas ( $12,000 USD).

As Stockholm deputy mayor Daniel Helldén told Swedish site The Local, “We want to show that we’re an LGBT-friendly city—and show that even in tough traffic! We stand for one Stockholm for all.”

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