Straight Pride Halted by Counter-Protesters

A straight pride rally was stopped after a group of counter-protesters showed up and peacefully drove bigots out of Modesto. Screenshot via KCRA3 video.

The California Straight Pride Coalition planned a straight pride event in front of the Planned Parenthood in Modesto, California but was shut down quickly by counter-protesters, according to KCRA.

The straight pride organizers gathered on August 24th in Durrer Barn but were removed after the owner found out what the event was about so the group moved to Planned Parenthood. The group held signs that had “Trump 2020” written on them, signs that said “build the wall,” some with biblical verses, and some asking God for forgiveness. While the straight pride group was small with only a few dozen participants, the counter-protesters greatly outnumbered them as there were about 20 protesters and 250 counter-protesters at Planned Parenthood. This is definitely a good thing as the entire notion of straight pride lies on the false idea that heterosexual identities are being threatened in the United States by the existence of LGBT people.

Don Grundmann, the planner of this rally said that “Straight culture is under attack. I’ll call it normal, natural, healthy, sane is under attack, and we’re going to illustrate that in the election cycle upcoming… we’re going to bring sanity back to the nation.” From what I can tell, straight people aren’t under attack for being attracted to the opposite sex and, in fact, they’re not being attacked at all. What is happening is that people are becoming aware that LGBT people exist and should exist alongside straight people because everyone deserves equal rights. Unfortunately for people like Grundmann, they see that as an attack on their identity which, I assume, prompted the formation of the California Straight Pride Coalition. 

The counter-protesters weren’t having any of that though, as they chanted “No hate, no fear. Straight pride is not welcome here.” The two groups argued for over an hour about the goals of the Coalition which are “preventing the current and future generations of all races and colors from being destroyed by the inherent malevolence of the Homosexual Movement.” Eventually, the argument dissipated and the California Straight Pride Coalition left while the counter-protesters chanted “Don’t come back.” No arrests were made. 

So that’s how you do it – don’t engage in violence unless absolutely necessary and things may go smoothly. I’m glad that there are more people who side with equality than those who don’t but I fear that this won’t be the last time we see straight pride protesters reciting their hateful rhetoric. 

Source: KCRA

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