Survey: Which City Has The ‘Freshest’ Guys?

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A new study looked at the personal hygiene habits of folks across the country, and clearly, everyone doesn’t practice these behaviors the same.

Some metropolitan areas scored extremely well. Others… mmm, not so much. 

Next time you fire up a dating app in one of those cities, you just might want to inquire about certain personal hygiene habits.

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Quality Logo Products asked 2,732 Americans, “How often do you shower or bathe?”

The vast majority (63.6%) said once a day, while 22.1% responded every 2-3 days, and a smattering (4.4%) said every 4-5 days. 

Not to judge, though – musk can be sexy.

Oh, and almost ten percent (9.8%) said they shower more than once a day. 

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Fresh breath is a big deal when interacting with folks, so the QLP folks inquired, “How often do you brush your teeth?”

Almost sixty percent (58.3%) said a refreshing twice a day; 29.1% indicated they scrub up their smile only once a day; 6.2% said every 2-3 days or less. #eek

Bonus points to the 6.3% who revealed themselves to be eager beavers when it comes to dental hygiene, hitting the Crest 3 or more times a day.

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Let’s say you’ve met up with a Grindr date, they smell pretty decent, a kiss might reveal fresh breath, and so things progress to the more intimate.

You hit the sheets – but do they hit back?

Fortunately, 33.5% of respondents shared they change their bed linens every week; for 34.2% it was more like every 3 weeks; nearly one in five (18.8%) say they only change things up on a monthly basis; some (6.9%) indicated every 2-3 months, while 3.4% said they go longer than 3 months before giving the bed sheets a wash.

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Now, let’s say the ‘date’ is going really well, and clothes are hitting the bedroom floor. The good news is 86.6% of folks say they change their underwear every day. 

Some, 9% of those polled, say their Calvins pass the 2-3 day test.

And then there’s the 4.4% who admit they think their skivvies offer 4 or more days of freshness. Hmmm…

The folks digging into the data ranked 25 American cities based on how often residents did their daily doing.

Overall, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale ranked highest as the most hygienic metro area in the U.S.

New Orleans, Charlotte, Detroit and New York filled out the rest of the top 5.

At the bottom of the list was the Seattle-Tacoma area, followed by Denver, Washington DC, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose corridor, and Pittsburgh.

In the individual categories, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale scored highest in bathing, while Denver placed last.

Surprisingly, Los Angeles came in last when it came to brushing teeth while the freshest breath can be found in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Nashville or Philadelphia.

New Yorkers launder their bed sheets on a regular basis, but Philly residents? Not so much.

New Orleans residents change their underwear most often, while Las Vegans have the dubious distinction of changing underwear least often. #wompwomp

For more info from the poll, click here.

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