‘Survivor” is Back and its Brought Some Hot New Castaways

CBS' hit reality competition shows "Survivor" has been on the air for almost 20 years now, and it still remains one of the most talked about programs all this time later.  It gave birth to regular reality show terms nowadays like "alliance" and "backstabbing" and has truly been a spectacle to watch with its mantra "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast".  Oh, and there has been some of the hottest guys we have ever seen compete each season, in little clothing that leaves not so much to the imagination.

The new season is a format done similarly before, where three tribes are split up: Heroes, Healers and Hustlers.  They have done this in the past with the Cagayan season where it was brains vs. brawns vs. beauties, which resulted in one of the best winners the show has ever seen (and a super hot daddy) in Tony Vlachos. Could this season have a similar result and produce another exciting season?  At least we will have these guys to look at.

Here are our top five hotties for this season that we hope go the distance and at some point, find their hidden immunity idol.  Hehe.

Alan Ball: Heroes Tribe.  Occupation: NFL Player.

John "JP" Hilsabeck: Heroes Tribe.  Occupation: Firefighter. 

Cole Medders: Healers tribe.  Occupation: Wilderness Therapy Guide. 

Joe Mena: Healers tribe.  Occupation: Probation Officer. 

Devon Pinto: Hustlers Tribe.  Occupation: Surf Instructor.

And if nothing else, there is always the hotness of Jeff Probst to look at, fellas.

Are you excited for the new season of Survivor?  Let us know your thoughts! 

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