Taylor Swift’s App Attracts Homophobes!


Taylor Swift’s App Attracts Homophobes!

And A Bunch Of Good Ole’ Country Trump Supporters!

By now, Taylor Swift needs no introduction. She came into our lives about a decade ago and has since not been able to escape our eyes or ears. While the country artist has been given accolades that may deem her an icon, some will argue over her stance on being politically neutral. Yet, we cannot deny that she has been outspoken for the love she has for the LGBTQ community, her gay friends, and is overall an acceptable role model for any young person. She may date often, but she’s young, give the girl a break! Swift has such an rapid growing fan base as the younger generation gets their mobile devices, that she created an App, The Swift Life, where users would be able to gain more content and discuss their favorite celebrity of all time, Swift.

According to AV Club, The Swift Life has been overrun by homophobes and Trump supporters. Gee, a platform where anyone can state their opinion. Who would have thought that may have been met with differences?! Clearly, the original intention of the app wasn’t meant to divide the Swift fan base, but hello everyone – she has a huge Southern following – there’s bound to be some Trump supporters – or, children of Trump supporters – floating in there somewhere. I’m also certain Swift and the suits behind her don’t mind who is a fan of hers – that is more money in their pocket. Anyone should be able to download the app, but it doesn’t mean one should be whining about it online! Check out some responses from her fans below:


Do you feel Swift should take a stance and state her political beliefs so her fans can stop tearing one another apart?!

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