The 2017 World OutGames Cancelled For Financial Issues

The 2017 World OutGames has been suddenly canceled.

The cancelation comes after there has been fraud allegations flying around about the LGBTQ sporting event.

An official statement stated:

"“It is with deep regret that due to financial burdens, World OutGames must cancel opening and closing ceremonies and sports programming with the exception of aquatics, country western dance, and soccer."

The event was supposed to start this weekend in Miami and last for ten days. This sudden cancelation has ended up engatively affecting all that were involved.

This includes advertisers who lost about $200,000. And, attending athletes can no longer have this event to celebrate athleticism in within the LGBTQ community. There are several people who are now disappointed and walking around with empty pockets.

There's a lot of anger going around at the moment because of this cancelation and of the suspicious activity involving the organization hosting the event. 

It's disheartening that such an important and uplifting program has been ruined by a greedy organization.

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