The Canadian Military is Calling For Diversity (But They Really Just Want Numbers)

The Canadian military has announced the plans to rebrand itself and is actively seeking to diversify itself as well.

The military is hoping to get more female and LGBTQ recruits and eventually be sought after by members of diverse communities.

Lt.-Gen Charles Lamarre is the Chief of Military Personnel and is in charge of human resources for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Lamarre spoke to The Canadian Press about the military’s need for diversity.

“Our population doesn’t look like all white guys.”

“If you want to get the very best people — the very smartest, most capable, most committed and most ingenious — then you need to look broadly and not exclude groups that would be very useful to you,” Lamarre added.

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This change of policy could be for many reasons. The military could sincerely be looking to diversify itself and reflect the diverse community in the country today.

Or, the military could just be looking for anybody to join their ranks and by seeking diversity they open up whole new possible pools for recruits.

After all, the government is putting more money towards the military ($62 million to be exact), and has announced plans in hopes of gaining more recruits. They want at least 3,500 more full-time members of the military and 1,500 part-time reserves. By looking towards diverse groups, they open the door for more potential people to join their ranks.

We see behind your words of inclusion Lamarre. At the end of the day, its all about the numbers.

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