The Face Of Trump Dating Has A Criminal Record!

The Face Of Trump Dating Has A Criminal Record!

Take A Good Guess At His Conviction!

OH MY GOD! Come on! I’m sitting here almost about to flip my desk over. The nonsense with Trump Supporters seriously doesn’t stop. I tried. I really tried my best to understand Trump Supporters. I even totally stand by the majority of the comments Meghan McCain makes on The View because she has tried to help me – or John Q. Public – understand the mindset of angry, Middle and Southern America. I’ve wafted back and forth on trying not to be bitter against the Trump Supporters. It’s been painful to put myself in their shoes. But, I continue to do it in an effort to try to realize there is a world that exists beyond my comfortable, luxurious bubble. BUT THEN a Trump Dating Website comes out – which I told you has banned anyone from the LGBTQ community and puts yet another grind into my gear. Fine, whatever. I’ll get over it – I don’t really think my soulmate is a Trump Supporter anyway. But, alas: I’m sitting here grabbing my pitchfork and watching others light torches as new information comes to light regarding the face of Trump.Dating.

According to WRAL – a Raleigh, North Carolina News Station – one of the half of the face of the Trump Dating site – Barrett and Jodi Riddleberger – is a freakin’ convicted sex offender! The North Carolina, married, couple’s smiling, ‘Make America Great Again’ hat wearing-asses have been removed from the dating website after the media began reporting that Barrett has a felony conviction for taking indecent liberties with a child in 1995. He video taped himself having sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 25. REPULSIVE! I’m 26, I cannot even imagine being around a teenager for longer than Christmas Eve dinner with my family. Who was he around?! Oh my god! Can you believe this?! Did he not think his past was going to come back to haunt him?! Barrett, honey child, you must’ve known the Social Justice Warriors you are seemingly so against would dig into every path you’ve ever walked! This was clearly going to come out. While he is less than smart for agreeing to be the face of Trump Dating, I cannot help but wonder if he’s going to get an invitation directly to the White House. I am beside myself right now. Barrett tells WRAL:

“I've already paid my debt for something I did 25 years ago.”

Girl, bye.

So, there you have it gang. The face of this website is a convicted sex offender. What’s next? Please tell me.

What do you think?