The Hanky Code – video explains the not so common colors.

Do you still see the hanky code being used?  I think in all my years, I've seen handkerchiefs being worn in bars about 20 times.  I have about 10 friends going on the 30th Anniversary RSVP cruise this week leaving out of Fort Lauderdale, FL and one of the many nightly events planned for the cruise is a Hanky Code Party.

Code Party   Tuesday, February 10, 10:30pm

Tonight we dive deep into the dark side as kink and taboos take center stage. Leather, underwear, fetishwear, and the hanky code rule. –

The cruise site offered a refresher link to those that were unsure of which hanky means what, but that link was down for some reason.  Friends found an alternative list and decided to save it on their phone to help if they encountered a color they didn't remember.  I know there is a yellow, red, and white handkerchief on the list but is there a plaid, houndstooth, and a pink and white?

Doing a little research of my own, I found this funny / colorful / touching / a little vulgar and definitely NSFW educational video from the people at FUNNYORDIE.COM that will answer those questions and more.


What do you think?