The Music Video for ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ From ‘A Star Is Born’ Is Here If You’re Looking For a Cathartic Cry

A Star Is Born is a really, really big hit. It’s looking like it will eventually cross $200 million domestic at the box office, and don’t rule out something near half a billion

It’s also an Oscars front-runner. Personally, I think it’s all but got Best Picture in the bag, and Lady Gaga has a serious shot at Best Actress.

Let’s try to not let any serious backlash happen like we do with so many pop culture phenomena. This is a wonderful movie.

The music video for the climactic power ballad “I’ll Never Love Again” is here. The picture has been out for nearly a month; thusly it was safer to release this music video that by its very being is spoiler-y. If you haven’t seen A Star Is Born (and you probably should at least consider it, because it’s a damn good movie), you might want to hold off on this music video.

If you’d like to relive some of the tragic magic before Bradley Cooper’s ambitious musical drama comes to Blu-ray, check out the music video for I’ll Never Love Again below.


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