The Oldest Person Living With HIV Celebrates Another Birthday

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The Lisbon Patient Turns 100 Years Old

According to HIV Plus Magazine, the world’s oldest person living with HIV recently turned 100 years old. Obviously, reaching that age is groundbreaking for anyone in any condition, but wow! What a breakthrough and inspiration for those especially living with HIV. The man, Miguel, is often referred to as The Lisbon Patient and lives in Portugal. He was diagnosed with HIV in 2004, when he was eighty-four years old. Even more uplifting, Miguel was diagnosed when he was in the third stage of HIV, his immune system being damaged and unable to fight off illnesses. He is now living alone, taking care of himself, and is HIV Undetectable.

This should make all of us thrilled. Miguel proves each day that one can be living with HIV and live a healthy, happy, ageless life. Happy Birthday, Miguel. Here’s to your next!

“It kills you instantly.”        “You go to hell if you have it.”

“It’s only a gay men’s disease.”

“You’re gay, so you’ll have it eventually.”

These are quotes that are burned into my mind when I think of negativity the general public had and some have toward individuals that are HIV positive. Growing up in the ‘90s and having arguably the worst Health Education teacher in the world in high school, I had the most ignorant knowledge of the virus and I believed in some of those statements. Through the years, I’ve educated myself through my own means and regular testing and am no longer feel intimidated by people living with HIV and know it is no longer a death sentence. There’s still tons of stigma around the virus.

In light of persistent HIV stigma, Miguel and his family requested that news outlets not display his face in photos nor share his full name. Maintaining that confidentiality, researchers studying Miguel (a pseudonym) nicknamed him “the Lisbon Patient” when referencing him in their case studies and published reports. – HIV Plus Magazine

It is always very heartwarming to know someone is still defying odds.

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Source: HIV Plus Magazine

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