The Queens Go Live This Weekend; Check Out “Digital Drag-An Online Drag Show”

As many of us are reeling as we find ourselves suddenly (and for many, forcibly) quarantined at home, one thing we are finding ourselves without the most is our sense of community and belonging from our LGBT nightlife stalwarts. Thankfully, many of them are finding creative and ingenious ways to not only survive in this mind boggling situation we find ourselves in, but they are continuing to offer us some of their amazing talent, albeit virtually. 

Now for just a $10.00 donation, “America’s Next Drag Supermonster” (officially bestowed that title by Boulet Brothers’ Dragula), Biqtch Puddiń and producer Megna are hosting Digital Drag: An Online Drag Show. Showcasing over twenty queens and (and drag kings) from all over the country, as well as from multiple genres of the art of drag. Everyone from Drag Race dynamo Alaska Thunderfuck, current RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Rock M. Sakura, Vander Von Odd, Landon Cider, Louisianna Purchase, Abhora, Felony Dodger, Pinche, Bible Girl, Kandy Muse, Xunami Muse, Juku, Astrud Aurelia, Laurel Charleston, Laveau Contraire, Tenderoni, Kat Sass, Kiara, Clit Eatswood, moi, Charles Galin, Siri, Toto Soto, Florida Man, Nicki Jizz, Syzygy, Crayola, Juno Birch and Pythia. With music by Mateo Segade, the event is sure to not just showcase some amazing drag talent (with almost every genre represented), but it also offers a brand new ability for people to experience the art of drag, one that hopefully will last far past our current American climate. 

 Tune into at 7 PM PST/ 10 PM EST this Friday, March 20th.

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