The Spice Girls Have A New Motto!

The Spice Girls Have A New Motto!

So Long, Girl Power!

I’ve been a Spice Girls fan since as long as I can remember. I was that flamboyant six-year-old wearing a Spice Girls t-shirt on casual day, or whatever it was called at my Catholic grammar school. (And I still haven’t forgotten my terrible Art Teacher who spilled black paint on it!) It’s no surprise my flamboyancy terrified the other children into bullying me…especially when I’m comparing myself to Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) and screaming “Girl Power!” at the top of my lungs! It was the 90s and weird because, you know, I was a boy with an insane amount of Spice Girl memorabilia living in a glass closet. But, now I guess I won’t have to scream Girl Power since the Spice Girls have a new motto…

According to The Sun, Emma Bunton AKA Baby Spice has confirmed the Spice Girls’ new motto is: People Power. She tells:

““It’s people power. We’re about equality and bringing everyone together.”

Okay, so if you fully investigate: They are mainly referring to the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, and how divided their country has become. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on over there, as I’m American. But, this is a new motto I can completely get behind! I’ll always be for Girl Power and the Girls in general, but at this point, they have to know so many of their fans are from the LGBTQ community. Perhaps they are giving a nod to their LGBTQ fans with this statement of inclusion. Although some people on social media, and particular Editor at Buzzfeed, aren’t as excited about the statement. Check out a few tweets below:

Are you on board with the Spice Girls newest motto?

If you have yet to see the Spice Girls world shaking reunion announcement, it’s below for you. The moment the “La-la-la’s” start, I swear to God you’ll get goosebumps!

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