The Top 6 Hottest 90s TV Dads!

The Top 6 Hottest 90s TV Dads!

No Wonder We Have Daddy Issues!

Yep, I’m a 90s baby. I grew up being spoon fed television greats like Jerry Springer and Doug. Okay, so perhaps one of them wasn’t appropriate for children, but I was a flamboyant, young gay- don’t discredit me for loving the drama of it all! Besides the wonderful innocence that was the decade of the 90s, we also had plenty of eye candy on nearly eye station. Okay, I wasn’t really looking at the boys on television my age- because that would be totally normal- instead I was heavily focused in my bedroom studying the sexy daddies that roamed the screen. Yes, the 90s television dads were the way to go. I’m still trying to figure out who are the ultimate hunky daddies of television now! Where are they?! No one compares to the hottie hot dads of my youth and I’m here to tell you who nurtured my twenty-something-with-daddy-issues persona that I have still to this day. Seriously, if you compare to any of these men- I’m publicly admitting I’m interested! So, who exactly are the Hottest 90s TV Dads?! Let’s check them out and can we live in nostalgia for just a moment and not even bother to think of what they are doing or who they even are now?:

Montel, The Montel Williams Show

Montel was daddy as hell! Sure, he may not have been an actual television-character dad, but he was the only talk show host (and father) that my mother would actively allow me to watch in front of her. He was always solid with some advice and his guests were less rowdy than the rest of television. Montel could sweet talk me all day long!

Anthony Tyler Quinn, Boy Meets World

Okay, again I’m straining pretty hard with this one, but hear me out: Johnathan Turner, portrayed by Anthony Tyler Quinn, was technically a father – or definitely a father figure – to the titular character’s best friend. Originally, he started out as the motorcycle riding, cool teacher with the tight jeans and that hair, AHH! I was completely jealous of his students, because any class he’s teaching I would’ve been hypnotized! I was devastated when he randomly left the show, since I couldn’t ever seem to find this actor in anything else- ever!

John Wesley Shipp, Dawson’s Creek

LORD! John Wesley Shipp played the father to the titular character in Dawson’s Creek in the late 90s. I remember being so confused over the drama between the girls in my grammar school picking and choosing over the lead boys. Like, hello, the dad!? He began my love for brute men who look like they can kick in a door. I think he’s completely underrated, as I hardly see anyone putting him on their top 90s dad’s lists…and…come on, just look at him. He takes the cake- and can definitely eat it, too!

Patrick Duffy, Step By Step

Oh goodness! I remember being so jealous of Suzanne Sommers for getting to play this stud’s television wife! By no stretch of the imagination, the almost salt-and-pepper daddy was essentially the new version of The Brady Bunch’s Mike Brady portrayed by mega-hot Patrick Duffy. The premise of the show is that two single parents meet on vacation and suddenly marry, only to have to reunite with their families and become blended. I could only have been so lucky for my mom to show up on my doorstep with Duffy on a platter! Yo-za!

John Stamos, Full House

I mean, you knew it was coming. What 90s Heartthrob Listicle doesn’t include John Stamos’ iconic Full House character, Uncle Jesse? He was everything! He was seriously hired to be the sexy, fun Uncle who would eventually win over everyone’s hearts with his ultimate nurturing. Jesus! He was just, he was it. Even that awful music video Forever he did doesn’t prevent him from being one of the absolute hottest men in the 90s. The hair, the attitude, the (lack of a) job. Anyone who tells you Uncle Jesse wasn’t the best part of Full House is lying.

Christopher Meloni, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Okay, where do I should I start before my fingers start to swell? The year 1999 gave us a television series that is still running today…yes, the incredible, ground breaking series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Not only have we gotten to see parodies surrounding some of the most memorable stories ripped from the headlines, we were also introduced to Elliott Stabler played by the bootylicious Christopher Meloni! Immediately, this television dad was a winner in everyone’s hearts. He got down to business, stood up for the little man, and always seemed to come out on top- even though I know a few of us likely want him to come out on the bottom. Meloni was such a pivotal hunk of the 90s that I cannot rave enough about how much he is the daddy every character should model after! Let me take a breath now!

Alright, now it's your turn? If you disagree with my list sooo much- tell me who you think is the ultimate, the sexiest, the above all- hottest 90s Television Dad?! Trust me, I could definitely use more, ahem, recommendations!

What do you think?