There’s A Subscription Service For Poppers?

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If you had the chance, would you pay for a box subscription of poppers? Well, that’s actually a reality.

We’ve seen a variety of box subscriptions before. From clothing subscriptions to food and wine subscriptions and even soap subscriptions. But a subscription to poppers? Now, that’s a new one. And apparently, the company that does it has been around since last August.

According to OUT, a company named Poppr recently got attention on Gay Twitter thanks to a viral tweet by a user named @ennuiboy420. The Twitter user shared screenshots of the company’s site. The photos include a description of the service and a view of the $45 “Bottom Box.”

“Poppr is a subscription box service fulfilling all your cleanr needs,” the site’s about page reads. “You choose which Popprbox best fits your wants, Basic, Bulge, or Bottom. You will then receive your Popprbox containing different selections, in the mail at the beginning of every month.”

For those who don’t know, poppers are non-addictive inhalants that create a temporary euphoric feeling and lead to the relaxation of the user’s muscles. Many gay/bi men then use the product for sex and partying. However, alkyl nitrites, the chemical behind poppers, is not legal for purchase if it’s for inhaling purposes. Because of that, most porn shops, adult toy shops, or boxing subscriptions market the product, which comes in several different brands, as deodorizers, leather polish, or tape head cleaner.

“Inspiration for the company came when moving bedroom furniture around,” the company explains. “In true NYC apartment style, the floor boards bowed and dipped to beneath the bed. Where, an array of old bottles had collected and fueled the idea of having them regularly delivered.”

But will this viral tweet lead to an increase in sales? Will gays prefer to get their poppers in boxed mail on a monthly basis? And can anybody go through four bottles in a month? Gay Twitter certainly had a few gags over the idea.

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