‘Third Leg’ Leads to Early Rejection on UK Dating Show

Photo Credit: The London Studios

Well, this is certainly a wild reality show moment. We need a US adaption because… reasons.

Airing on channel 4 in the UK since 2016, Naked Attraction is a ‘finding love’ show where contestants pick a match in hopes of finding their future partner based solely on looks and genitals. Think of a reversed version of The Dating Game with an x rated spin.


Show host Anna Richardson and contestant Rara, a 36-year-old fetish model, were left with an age-old conundrum after taking a gander at the bachelors’ privates. Is there such a thing as too big?

Richardson commented that the appendage was the biggest she’d ever seen in person, while Rara wondered if the man’s penis was too big and could potentially injure her. A little pain mixed with pleasure isn’t too bad, right?

When the bachelor, a taxi driver naked Ozzy, revealed that he’s a grower and his manhood can double in size, he was sent packing because true love shouldn’t come with a potential hospital visit! However, I’m sure any number of us would be willing to ride that wave.

Take a look at Ozzy’s uncensored gift from god here.¬†


Would you ever go on a show like Naked Attraction? Have you seen bigger than Mr. Ozzy? Comment and let me know!

Sources: Daily Record, LADbible 

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