This Fitness Model/Actor Is The Perfect Man For Our Beloved Britney

If this is the Year of Britney, then it’s also the year of her fiancee: Sam Asghari. The couplewho have been together for four years met on the set of her music video for Slumber Party. Ashgari is currently featured in the October issue of Men’s Health, not a huge leap for a guy who owns his own very successful online fitness company. 


It’s obvious he is handsome, ripped, and chiseled, but those things only get you through the door. We stan him for so much more. By all accounts, Asghari is a hard-working, down-to-earth, funny, normal, well-adjusted good person. It’s for all of these reasons and even more that we here at Instinct think he will be an amazing husband; the one that Britney Spears deserves.


Asghari, 27, is Iranian and spent much of his younger years growing up in Tehran. He and his father emigrated here when he was just 13. Three older sisters followed after, due to the amount of red tape normally associated with the immigration process. Asghari talked about his heritage and culture to Men’s Health,

“I’m fortunate to have grown up between two extremely different cultures. We moved to live here, to speak the language, to contribute to this country.”


Much as any good soon-to-be husband should, Asghari is extremely close to the women in his family. They all know and adore his uber-famous fiancee. He spoke about the importance of their approval,

“Of course they know my girl. Everybody knows her. My grandmother knows my girl. When I need an honest opinion, I go to my sisters. I learned a lot about women from them, and I learned a lot about respecting women. I had to; otherwise I would get my ass kicked.”


Asghari credits a former teacher with giving him the push to get into acting. {this former English teacher just got a little choked up, I love hearing how people have been inspired by their teachers.} He began living the Los Angeles life of an auditioning actor and part-time trainer. It took him three years to book his first television job, on NCIS. **Fun fact: he has an uncredited role in the video of Fifth Harmony’s smash hit, ‘Work From Home.’

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Soon after that, he met celebrity makeup artist Maxi, who is now part of his very tight inner circle. They could reboot the HBO hit Entourage using Asghari as the lead, his squad mirrors those of the fictional Vincent Chase. It was Maxi who got him the gig on Spear’s Slumber Party video. The couple love to work out together and much of their free time is spent playing sports,

“A lot of people don’t get that she’s a crazy, crazy athlete. We play tennis together. We play ping-pong together. She’s really good at ping-pong. It’s a real competition. And I’m competitive, but I try to take it easy. Not because she’s a woman. Not because she’s weak, because she’s not. But I grew up with three sisters, so I learned that taking competition too seriously can lead to hurt feelings. Family take it easy on each other.”


Since booking that first gig years ago, Asghari has steadily risen the ranks of working actors, crafting a solid resume for himself on shows like Hacks and Black Monday. His next project is the second season of Hulu’s Dollface, produced by Margot Robbie and starring Kat Dennings.

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There is still more to this man in addition to everything listed above! Not only was he a personal trainer he created an online personalized nutrition and fitness program, Asgharifitness.




We couldn’t be happier for these two lovebirds, and hope that the future for them “is so bright they have to wear shades!”

Sources: Men’s Health, CNN

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  1. Britney, you in trouble girl! I have looked into my crystal ball and I see Sam sucking the cock and you recreating a scene from the cuckoo cuckoo nest.

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  3. He definitely loves himself 😂 He reminds me of George Michaels old boyfriend that used George and his money for years. Look how that turned out for that turd, not well. Sam, look at George’s ex, that is your future.


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