This Valentine’s Day Is Going To Be Pricey In Venezuela.


As we enjoy lower gas prices here in the US, other countries are going through an economic decline.  But we shouldn't feel bad or concerned, right?  It's our turn to feel a little more comfortable as we stand at the pump and have some extra money in our wallet.

Due to the price of oil being so low, Venezuela is now dealing with massive inflation.  One market that is being altered greatly is that of birth control / contraception. How would you like to spend 85% of your monthly income on ONE box of condoms.  For the average Venezuelan this would mean making the decision to spend $755.00 on one box.  One report states that consumers could pay rent or buy an iPhone since they are the same price as just one box of 36 condoms.  We have the luxury of picking up a handful of condoms at just about any gay bar it seems. 

Valentine's day may be a little different this year in Venezuela.  The picture below shows the monthly minimum income in BsF (Venezuela's currency) being just $132 over the price of a box of condoms.  Buying a box would leave you $33 a week to spend on everything else you need, rent, car, food, etc. 

What can be done?  What should be done? Should we feel bad about the shortage? 

 For more information, watch the CNN.COM report below.


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