Woof! Meet Openly Gay & Very Hunky ‘Titan Games’ Competitor Robbie Rodriguez

Credit: Robbie Rodriguez Instagram

Well color us VERY INTERESTED about openly gay Titan Games competitor Robbie Rodriguez

The hunky Crossfit Regionals athlete showed off his flexibility and agility while competing on the NBC competition series last week in front of millions of people. He also happened to be in the presence of host Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson which is never a bad thing at least according to this guy.

Robbie and his competitors filmed the show in January 2020 right before the Coronavirus pandemic took over. Titan Games, along with other series like Top Chef: All-Stars L.A. and Modern Family, got lucky as they were able to get their finished product out for the masses to enjoy.

COVID-19 has hit Robbie (aka Rhino Robbie) in a different way as he’s been on the frontlines as a nurse Florida dealing with a myriad of patients who have been affected by this condition. 

“A lot of the other nurses have families and kids, and were more worried about being exposed,” he said to Morning Chalk Up. “I don’t have kids, so I’d often volunteer to [administer tests].”

“Last Friday I worked, and we saw 89 patients,” he said in relation to the growing COVID-19 cases happening in the southern state. “That’s pretty hectic for four nurses and two doctors.”

“The biggest challenge has just been dealing with everyone’s questions or concerns because everyone has the same concern. They come in scared,” he continued. “Reassuring them has been the biggest challenge. To comfort those who are more anxious than myself.”

Take a closer look at this talented and gorgeous individual by perusing 10 of his hottest Instagram photos below! 


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