Todrick Hall Apologizes For His Thirst Tweet About Shawn Mendes

Todrick Hall got himself into trouble after he shared a thirst tweet for Shawn Mendes that merged with an insensitive message on sexuality.

Perhaps the YouTuber and singer was spurred on by the recent surge of thirst tweets, and media coverage of them, by the ever thirsty Gus Kenworthy.





Me in the cloud searching for @zacefron's nudes like… #stopoverswitzerland

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One may wonder why one celebrity can continuously post thirst tweets about straight men and get praised while another is later chastised. But, the answer to that question lies in the added commentary on sexuality.

Trying to get in on the running thirst trend, Todrick Hall used the trending Shawn Mendes as his male object of choice. But Hall's thirst tweet quickly backfired on him.

Mendes is currently in the news for saying that he’s very uncomfortable with people’s constant need to ask him about his sexual orientation. The singer says it’s insensitive of people to constantly badger him when he’s clearly stated his answer.

“I thought, ’You fucking guys are so lucky I’m not actually gay and terrified of coming out,” said the singer to Rolling Stone.

But Todrick Hall may have missed that last bit, as he then wrote a tweet saying he has dibs on Mendes if the singer comes out.

“Shawn Mendes is not gay, or at least not yet,” the Drag Race judge wrote. “And he may never be…but one thing is for certain, if he EVER comes out. I’ve got dibs. Love you @ShawnMendes and your music! Hope to marry, sorry meet you someday.”

Of course, the internet, and especially twitter users, lashed out.

Keep in mind, there was no ill-intent meant with Hall's tweet. Just the poorly worded attempt at being witty and thirsty. In addition, some of the hate may have been overly biased/dramatic.

Nevertheless, the singer apologized after the internet complained.

The singer also responded to questions of why his comment was considered offensive.

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  1. Todrick’s tweet was dumb, but

    Todrick’s tweet was dumb, but no worse than Gus Kenworthy’s. Actually I find Gus more offensive. He repeatedly sexually harasses men. He even posted that pic with Shawn Mendes making the Sean Cody joke at his expense.


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