Tom Holland And Jake Gyllenhaal Doing Shirtless Handstands?


There’s a new challenge going around on the internet. And as weird as it is, we’re actually pretty thankful for it.

If you’ve ever wondered what Jake Gyllenhaal looks like shirtless while doing a handstand or what Tom Holland sounds like while huffing his way through the ordeal, you won the lottery today. Yes, it appears there’s a new challenge of asking people to do a handstand shirtless and having them struggle to put a shirt on while upside-down.

The challenge was first revealed to the world when Marvel and Sony hero Tom Holland released a video on Instagram. In the video, we see Holland struggling to put a shirt on while holding himself up by his hands. (Take your time, darling). Afterward, Holland challenged three people to do the same thing; Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Harrison Osterfield (a fellow British actor who’s Holland’s best friend).

For Gyllenhaal, the challenge was a no-brainer. The fellow Spider-Man: Far From Home actor decided to follow through with the challenge. And while Gyllenhaal seemed to succeed in doing the handstand shirt trick with more ease than Holland, he chose to release a video with no audio. This makes us wonder what it would have sounded like to hear his go at the ordeal.

As for Osterfield and Reynolds, there are no such videos to share. Osterfield seems to have yet to respond to his best friend’s challenge. Then with Reynolds, we earned a true and authentic reply.

We’ve got to say, most challenges on the Internet come off as a little weird. This one is no different. But, it surely gave us some eye-candy to enjoy.

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