Two Anglican Priests Got Married in South Africa

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Two Christian religious leaders in Africa have gotten married.

Paul Mwaura is a South African pastor of an Anglican Church, and he recently got married to John Maierepi. Maierepi is a Kenyan priest and again he is of the Anglican Church. Thankfully, the two were celebrated by their respective churches. Their congregations posted pictures of their wedding on Facebook and expressed joy at the union.

The wedding ceremony was held in South Africa with Mwaura’s church members in attendance. The couple was greeted with cheers and applause after saying “I do.” That said, that warm reception doesn’t mean everyone’s happy with the marriage. In fact, Mwaura’s and Maierepi’s wedding has been covered by several anti-LGBTQ religious news sources such as Reformation Charlotte or Benin Web News TV. Despite that negative perspective coming down on the couple, the pastors share a message of love.

“Sexual orientation is inborn, unchosen and unchangeable, don’t judge them please, touch not the anointed ones,” the two pastors said after being questioned on why they “chose” to be gay.

We hope more hear about the story of Paul Mwaura and John Maierepi, and we hope their message of love reaches the ears of even the hateful and intolerant.

Image via Facebook

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2 thoughts on “Two Anglican Priests Got Married in South Africa”

  1. I am strongly disagree with such like act in church. What a disappointed event we see in our era? What others learn from us as we are followers of Jesus Christ?
    As my opinion, they should be divorced and relearn the bible by asking permission.
    My God help them with his mercy!!

  2. i cannot judge it wll not be right from my side. But it puzzles me a little, should man ignore t the fact that God created man and women.
    Do you think there was a reason why? and another thing he suppose to be a perfect God, he was not suppose to create something which has no purpose and meaning.
    Do you think sattan has a play in this….


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