Two Boston Police Officers Crashed Their Motorcycles And Hit A Pride Parade Onlooker

Looks like LA Pride wasn’t the only Pride event to mess up.

Over at the Boston Pride Parade, two police officers crashed their motorcycles along the parade route and injured an older woman.

The two officers were responding to a call for help by another cop. Ironically, it was a medical call that caused the two motorcyclists to rush to the cop and collide at Beacon and Joy streets.

When the impact happened around 3:24 pm, the officers ended up falling to the ground and hitting a female pedestrian in the process.

“I heard a sound and all of a sudden I saw two to three cops on motorcycles who had run into each other,” said 35-year-old Gus Jenkins, of Cambridge, to the Boston Herald. “It stopped the parade. Plenty of people came together to make sure the situation was OK,” he said

“It was chaotic,” said Mary Madamcy, 21, of Cape Cod. “There was confusion and people were still chanting.”

“I rushed down to help, to see if they needed water. … I was just hoping everyone was OK,” said 19-year-old Morgan Gilbert-Koff who's also from Cape Cod.

Afterwards, the two officers and the female onlooker were sent to the Massachusetts General Hospital. There, it was determined that there were no serious injuries.

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