Tyra Sanchez Banned From DragCon!

Is This The End Of Sanchez's Drag Career? 

#DONE! This is absolutely no tea, no shade, or whatever other eye rolling, Drag Queen catchphrase someone has been trying to make happen like "fetch." This next story is real life!

Okay, quick backstory for those of you not involved in any type of RuPaul's Drag Race drama (please note I'll be using the pronoun 'she' to save for my own sanity speaking about female impersonation). Tyra Sanchez was deemed the winner of Season 2. Since her win, she's been described as unworthy and people tend to pen fellow contestant, Raven – who is currently RuPaul's makeup artist or hair stylist – as the true winner of Season 2. Sanchez didn't necessarily rise to the fame of an all-star, so to speak, and has all but realized the party is over

I don't follow the world of Drag as much as some of the other Contributing Writers for Instinct, except when they are injected into hot topics! And that has happened often with me. It was yours truly who first broke the news of Aurora Sexton claiming narcissistic allegations against Drag Race contestant, Valentina, which went viral, Valentina issued a public apology, and Alaska 5000 even parodied Sexton's comments on Valentina in a music video. I live for the mess and this Sanchez's drama takes a full dump. Let's dive in: 





Sanchez doesn't even really get a lot of comments or reactions on her social media (besides this article clearly), so I'm a little confused why she persists trying to be the big bad wolf?  Well, apparently, her feud with O'Hara involved Sanchez making a threat of violence.  No, the above tweet was not the threat, but currently there is no visual record of the actual treat we can place in this post. The threat was taken seriously by the Drag Queen's management/producers, World of Wonder Productions. According to a post on Sanchez's Instagram: WoW's Chief Operating Officer sent an email demanding a public apology from Sanchez for her actions if she wanted to participate in Drag Con 2018 (Which every Drag Queen should be going too?! Stop trying to be hometown heroes, ladies).  

It appears Tyra Sanchez decided to stand up for herself (?) and told the COO of WoW off! She makes allegations the production company is trying to paint her as an angry black drag queen. She threatens them once again, claiming she's going to visit the WoW offices to pick up her check. Petty! Check out the mess of the screen caps Sanchez posted below: 

With Drag Race popularity heightened to the extreme, it's no surprise that queens from seasons past are trying to cash in on the series' audience. I mean, what else are they going to be doing anyway? Drag Queens make money off merchandise purchases and tips. You can't get that without an extended fan base and large platform, which the reality show provides. So, yeah, all of them need to stand in formation behind RuPaul and production company World of Wonder if they want to cash in on some of the attention and wealth. As some may have not expected, when you are a part of a corporate company, you've got to play by its rules. Sanchez seems to have decided to bite the hand that feeds her. I'm almost certain she just got herself blackballed from the only company who would give her a chance!  

After posting a private email from the corporation and her response to them, I can firmly state I believe Sanchez's drag career is absolutely over. I mean, I didn't see any progression with it in general. But, yeah girl, you can't do all of this and expect to be in the good graces of a company who is literally the only company promoting drag queens at an international level. She's made a huge mistake and will learn eventually … but it turns out, has she already?! Because THEN Drag Race royalty, Tatianna, chimes in on Twitter! Tatianna and Sanchez competed on the same season back in the day. Their season-long feud was arguably the best entertainment of the season. In a series of tweets, Tatianna claims Sanchez works at Amazon Warehouses and in general is a horrible person. Check them out below:






And then there's tha advert on rupaulsdragcon Instagram page that seems to have gone missing just recently.  Here's the snapped pic before it was deleted. No date visible, but this might have been posted before the drama started. It aligns with the ad campaign that was present around late February to early March.  What do you call pre-shade? 

What are your thoughts on all this Drag Queen drama?  

If you want to see Sanchez possibly scaling the building to get inside Drag Con, you can purchase your  tickets here

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  1. I hope WOW has her legal name

    I hope WOW has her legal name on the 'blocked' list so she won't try to come in as his cisgendered self. He sucked then and sucks now. She's the ultimate 'has been' of all the seasons combined.


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