Watch: Britney Spears Terrified As Man Storms Her Vegas Show Stage

There was a moment of fear and confusion at Britney Spears’ Vegas show last night.

Spears is currently headlining a show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas called Piece of Me. And in the middle of the show a random man climbed up on stage.

In a time where several celebrities have been shot and killed during performances, it’s no surprise that security, backup dancers, and Spears herself had a moment of fear when the man stormed the stage.

Luckily, security was on top of their game as they quickly dog-piled the man (with a few male backup dancers jumping in for added measure).

It was only then that Britney Spears realized something was wrong. Thanks to her mic we could hear her ask, “Is something ok? What’s going on? What’s-What’s happening?” and what faintly sounds like, “Does he have a gun?”

Luckily, the man was subdued easily and Britney was rushed off the stage. There was a pause in the show as security ensured everything was ok before the singer and her dancers came back on to finish off the performance.

If you’re interested in checking out the moment for yourself, you can watch two separate shots recorded by fans down below.

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