Watch Out! Michael Henry’s Dom Top Mafia Is On The Prowl!

The Dom Top Mafia picks its next victim / Screenshot via YouTube @MichaelHenry

You’ve met the Gay Bottom Mafia. Now, it’s time to meet the Dom Top Mafia.

Not only is Michael Henry a man with an ear at the pulse of gay culture, but he’s also a smart YouTuber. Seeing how well his audience, and the internet, responded to his Gay Bottom Mafia video, Henry has now expanded on the idea to include a Dom Top Mafia.

In a new YouTube video, which was released earlier today, Michael Henry meets up with a new friend who’s changed drastically.

Michael’s friend Harry has lost 100 pounds, bleached his hair, waxed, exfoliated, and just moved back to West Hollywood.

“You’ve done the impossible… “You’re a twink now, Harry!”

Enter the Dom Top Mafia.

If you thought the Gay Bottom Mafia was scary, just mention daddy issues around the Doms. Then you’ll really know horror. Don’t believe me? See for yourself with the video below.

As with many of Michael Henry’s videos, there is a message added into the humor. Henry’s commentary on environmental friendliness and disposable plastic is a welcome sight for the fun internet video.

To expand on that commentary more, we would like to add that anyone can help with the issue by simply bringing reusable cups and straws to their favorite Starbucks. Employees are accommodating, so long as you keep the lid and straw with you for cleanliness and safety reasons. Also, don’t be that guy who asks employees to clean your dirty cup for you.

Otherwise, bringing reusable cups are a simple and easy way to help the environment and keep the Dom Top Mafia interested in you… if that’s what you want.

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