We’re “Speechless”-Could Lady Gaga Be Releasing New Music On Friday?

An unsubstantiated rumor is floating around the inter web today saying that Lady Gaga is dropping a new single on Friday, right in time for the World Pride celebration in New York City. A fan on gagadaily spoke directly with someone at Sirius XM who claims she’s releasing the single this Friday (they provided proof below). This fan also claims that originally, they asked the Sirius rep if Gaga’s recent Apollo concert in New York City was going to be available to stream on the website. They were told it was not: but to expect a new single. The internet immediately went ablaze with news that the “Paparazzi” belter and LGBT advocate may actually be dropping new music. Consequently, detractors stated that it is categorically untrue that the Sirius rep is incorrect or that this could be part of a larger misunderstanding.




Heavier internet buzz is that Gaga is waiting for the fourth quarter of the year to properly drop any new music. Speaking of new music, when it does arrive expect it to be beyond spectacular; currently the multi-award winner is working with everyone from RedOne to Mark Ronson (among others), both of which can be credited with providing us some of her most acclaimed material.

(Art Courtesy Of Lady Gaga-Facebook)

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